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Flawless Adhesive

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Our Flawless Adhesive is a quick drying adhesive that is perfect for volume & classic lashes.  This adhesive is very easy to work with, and doesn't move up the lash, causing your fans to come out perfect every time! 

This adhesive works well in a moderate humidity level.  The humidity level in your room will determine how fast your adhesives take to cure.  

For your adhesive to cure in 1-3 seconds, we recommend keeping your room at a moderate temperature, humidity, and to not have much air flow.


  • 67-73 Degrees Fahrenheit 
  • 30-60% Humidity

No direct air flow.  This means to be aware of where the vents/fans are in your room.  Try to position your table or recliner somewhere further away from the air vent or fan in your room.