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Clearly Bold Adhesive

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Our Clearly Bold Adhesive is a clear adhesive.  Clear adhesive is formulated without the use of Carbon Black.  Carbon black is the ingredient used to make the adhesive black in color. Though, this adhesive is clear, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is recommended for sensitive eyes.  It depends on what your client is allergic to, to determine if a clear adhesive would be the best choice.  This adhesive is not classified as a sensitive adhesive, but for certain clients might be a great choice!

This adhesive works well in a moderate humidity level.  The humidity level in your room will determine how fast your adhesives take to cure.  

For your adhesive to cure in 1-2 seconds, we recommend keeping your room at a moderate temperature, humidity, and to not have much air flow.


  • 67-73 Degrees Fahrenheit 
  • 30-60% Humidity

No direct air flow.  This means to be aware of where the vents/fans are in your room.  Try to position your table or recliner somewhere further away from the air vent or fan in your room.