Client Retention

Hi 👋🏼 and welcome to the first of many blog posts!  I am extremely excited to get this going, so I am going to jump right into something that I feel soooooooo strongly about!  

Have you ever walked into a store and felt so out of place that you pretended to look at something JUST to distract the sales person long enough so you can get the fuck out of there?  I deeply hope that I am not the only person who has done this. Let’s take Nordstrom for example. The cosmetic department. The MAC girls are beautiful and so full of confidence that I rarely go up to them for ANY sort of makeup advice and they make me feel just so out of place. Funny story: I worked at the cosmetic department......AND STILL FELT THIS WAY!

That is the feeling that I never want my clients to have.

That being said, this blog post is going to give you a few tips that I do to avoid this.

Fair warning though, I’m not saving the best for last. Because if you get half way through this list, and your kid has a blow out and you can’t finish it, I want this to be the thing you take away from this whole post. (Don’t leave me hanging though, wipe that baby butt and come back and finish this. It’s worth it. Promise.)


So. My most important recommendation is……


We all start out as humble little goats, begging for clients to come to us. You know how it is, the kind of “help me, I’m poor” mentality. The “Please, dear God, let me do your lashes!!!” thoughts. Until we get good and people start booking, I expect you to be sassy little bitches. The reason I say this is because girls, and boys, you deserve to be bitches. Because you are amazing and deserve the best. Just don’t stop being humble. When clients text you to get in, don’t criticize every little detail. “I can’t believe they don’t know what a mega volume fill is.. How dare they!”  Greet each and every client how you would have in the beginning.

An “I am booked” text can easily be switched to an “I apologize, but I am not accepting new clients at this time” text. It’s a way of being sweet but still getting your point across. Remember, texts can be read completely wrong, and you can offend someone super easily without even meaning to!



This is soooo hard for me, but we are all still learning, right? Some of you may not know this, but I still do lashes! 8-12 hours a day and 5 days a week, actually. When you’re as busy as I am, it’s hard to remember every detail about every client. New clients especially. To help with this, keep a pad of paper by your work space and jot little keywords down while you are working. Something like:

3 kids



I’ve found that this makes it easier so you remember things to chat about next time.



Talk to your client how they want to be talked to. And trust me, I know that this shit is tough and can be so draining. Ever come home and don’t care to have a conversation with anyone other than the dog?  Cause that’s me on the daily. This is why! This topic is something that I plan on spending a lot more time on. I taught on this subject during my previous job, but it is SO applicable to lashing and will help make your clients feel extra special.

-Client walks in after a long day and says her week has been hell. Needless to say, she is so excited to lay there and relax. Sp, put on some soft music for her, offer a blanket, and let her do the talking.....if she wants to. She probably doesn’t want to.

-Client walks in and tells you all about her day, she is up-beat and CANNOT stop talking (don’t we all love those clients?). Put on soft music and tell her to shut the fuck up.


No matter what, match her energy until the appointment starts, but she is probably going to want to talk the entire time... Hopefully she doesn’t have twitchy eyes while she does it.  This is your time to tell her stories and tell her funny things that have happened that day. This is my queue to talk about my silly 2-year-old niece who says the funniest shit.

*if you can’t talk and lash at the same time there is seriously nothing wrong with that. Just make that known in the beginning.

My point is, don’t be blabbing their ear off if they seem tired. Don’t be dropping F 💣’s until you know that they are 100% comfortable with it. (And of course, if others are around, try your hardest to respect them too 🙄)

No matter what, match their energy. I can’t match ALL of y’alls energy, so sorry for the swear words.



Don’t be a complete bitch if your client has to cancel for an emergency. Know your clients, and pick up on if they are “life suckers” and will take advantage of you. If they aren’t, cut them some slack. I give every one of my clients a break their first time, and after that, I am still a little lenient (I do this based on the fact that I know my clients care about me and my time, and they know this because I have set that up in the beginning)

“I am so sorry that your Aunt Geraldine broke her hip and you need to go to the hospital with her!  I give all of my clients a 1 time pass on my cancellation policy! Text me when you can, and we will reschedule you.”

We are all human and shit happens. You will know in your gut if they are trying to take advantage of you.  Set your policy in stone, but cut them a little slack or they won’t come back. (🎶 No more no more no more no more. Hit the road jack! 🎶) Most of my clients are pretty much my friends. They all know not to fuck with my schedule, but they also know that I will have their back if something comes up. It’s a fine line that you need to establish in the very beginning. This goes along with staying humble.

That is my rant on retaining clients. Client retention is:

50% about your work

30% about your personality

10% about your look

10% about convenience

(I made that up, because there is no way to know that for sure… but you get what I am trying to say).